Harriet Wilkin
Harriet Wilkin


Nonprofit Business Analyst, consulting in the areas of administration, communications, and finance.

Nonprofit Business Analyst consultant


Online Instructor 

Organizational Analyst

Problem Solving Specialist

Specializing in the areas of:

Administration/ Management/ Leadership
Communications/ Marketing
Fundraising / Finance

Harriet is an advocate for:

People with Disabilities – with emphasis on neurodiversity
1st Responders, Veterans, and their families

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Church Administration Certification

IFDC1410 – Biblical Compassion and Church Administration:                   :  IFDC1410 - Biblical Compassion and Church Administration | BeADisciple.com 

IFDC1420 – Theology and Church Administration:                                         IFDC1420 - Theology and Church Administration | BeADisciple.com 

IFDC1430 – Serving in your Ministry Context:                                                               IFDC1430 – Serving in your Ministry Context | BeADisciple.com 

IFDC1440 – Finance and Church Administration:                                                         IFDC1440 – Finance and Church Administration | BeADisciple.com 


About Harriet

Harriet has been a local pastor since 2015. She has her Master of Divinity Degree from Claremont School of Theology. Harriet has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Critical Communications. 
Harriet has 20 plus years of experience at multiple levels in the Nonprofit world. Her background includes administration, management, leadership, and communications (online, print media, and in person). Harriet's expertise is in organizing, planning, and implantation of programs and projects. She likes to be creative and to think outside the box. She brings a pastoral presence when in conversation and in her work. 
Harriet is the widow of a 1st Responder and Veteran.

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